Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Here are a few of my current thoughts on Taxes.

Firstly lets consider what they actually are and where they may have originated.
My feeling is that they have been with us forever. When you get more than one person together in a 'group' I think you get a form of taxes, as follows. One could even say that one person also may 'tax' him/herself. This goes back to my previous comments about 'profit', 'saving', and 'surpluses'. Anything that is put aside could be thought of as a tax because it is removed from circulation or immediate use and intended for use later for whatever purpose. In the case of an individual operating in isolation, for example on an island without companions, they would sensibly put aside some supplies for more lean times and so probably limiting their current consumption. This is effectively a Tax (on their current consumption). In this case this is an individual decision and only has an effect on that individual, both now and in the future. 
Now imagine that there are two people on this island. The same act of 'saving or taxing' of current consumption would be sensible. The difference is that a decision has to be made as to what when and where etc. must be taken. Of course there are several ways this decision could be made but nevertheless if saving (taxing) is to be done then a method for making these decisions must be arrived at.
Now scale this up to a group of more than two present on the island and you can see emerging  a set up that mimics our present situation. Unless anarchy is to reign, a leadership will emerge. The 'Taxing' will likely become more organised and 'rates' of taxation will be set. e.g. so many fish from each persons catch to be set aside, dried and put into store, perhaps rated on the individuals skill in fishing, his age, how many in his family etc.etc.
Labour would probably be taxed as well so that community projects could be built and tasks undertaken - in other words a system of contribution to the groups 'good' from an individuals earnings according to an agreed set of rules. Beneficeries would also be part of the set up. In times of individual or group need, food from the store (Exchequer) would be given to those in need in accordance both with the amount in store and their need. Perhaps in line with their contributions or other qualifying criteria.
Now there will arise a situation where some may disagree with either the whole concept or parts of it and they must have a remedy, or a path to one. That is where wise government comes in. combined with the involvement of the people. 

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