Saturday, 3 October 2009

An example to us all!OpenDocument

It's a long read but worth it !

This is an example of the 'Total Environmental Approach' which I have always encouraged. We must always think of the total effect our habits have on our environment & stop just thinking of say ' Climate Change' as an isolated result of some discrete action we may or may not be taking. When we look around us every day we see some effects of our littering ways by the amount of rubbish left on our streets.

What we don't see are the effects of our room thermostats being set too high for example. The effects are still there but we ignore them because they aren't obvious. Similarly we ignore the outflow of our other practices like land development say or packaging waste.

Take a look at your total environmental consequences not just the obvious ones.

Also, as we might pick up rubbish on our own doorstep so as to be 'tidy' & impress the neighbours, we should do the same regarding our other polluting ways & take action !

Just do it !

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