Monday, 31 August 2009

How to Rein in a Rogue Company

Fonterra, a large New Zealand Dairy Company, one of the largest in the world, has about 85% of the supply market in NZ which amounts to a whole lot of output - butter, cheese, casien, milk powder, all sorts of other products such as yoghurt, ice-cream, etc.etc. They are in the forefront in research, have a modern suite of plants all over NZ and of course export much of the output world wide.

They are not a very socially responsible company in my opinion. They could be part of the solution to climate change - we all realize that the intensive dairy industry has much to do - but they do little, and are very much in the industrial mould where the bottom line is all important. They are part of the problem.

Here is a roughly sketched out plan that would change all that and make Fonterra a Green Clean Company - an image already spouted world wide by NZ generally, but unfortunately false, false, false ! Spin of the highest degree.

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