Friday, 31 July 2009

move back to Europe

We've moved back to Europe (UK) to be nearer the action - to Chippenham in Wiltshire - but are currently spending a few days with Mo's Sister & B-I-L in Charante France. Lazy days in the sun which we haven't had a lot of in England. When we're back we will continue fixing up our new flat and start to cultivate our allotment ready to grow lot's of veg next Summer. We're joining the local TT Group called (we think) Co Co Corsham - going to our first meeting next Tuesday 4th August. Having fun getting to know our Grand-daughter better - looking after her a few days a week.

A bit disgusted with Ryan Air who advertised a fare of £ 19.99 and free return but we ended up paying £ 125 each with all the add-ons. Will try Ezy-Jet next time from a different Airport. Shouldn't really be flying so may come by Rail next time or drive using chip-fryer-oil in our 2nd hand diesel van. Have discovered there's a railway station nearby & access by TGV & Local train.

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